Don't Be Misled!

Housing Piracy Alert
We understand that other housing companies may claim to have a relationship with AFCI and are offering discounted hotel rates. Please be aware, that all official housing blocks for Creativation are not open yet and will be available ONLY through AFCI closer to the event.   Please do not make any reservations with any unknown housing or travel company. Please note: National Travel Associates, Convention Housing Services and Tradeshow Housing Inc. are NOT AFCI approved suppliers.

Contact List Alerts
As with many larger conferences and tradeshows these days, fraudulent companies have been known to contact our attendees and exhibitors. They claim to represent AFCI Creativation 2020 (and/or leave out important information so that it is ambiguous whether they represent the Association For Creative Industries), offering Creativation attendee lists or AFCI contact lists.

AFCI does not sell membership or trade show attendee email contact information. No company is authorized to distribute or sell any lists for our events. AFCI does not rent, share, or sell attendee contact information to third parties.

Scammers offering to sell these lists often aggregate information based on web crawler or email “scraper” programs searching for the “@” sign in email addresses posted on various websites (including LinkedIn and Facebook). While this is illegal in most countries, it does not prevent scammers from doing so. The best way to prevent yourself from receiving these emails is to protect your information, and if at all possible, do not post your email address online (or post it in an obscured way, such as an image or by not using the “@”) sign.

Please do not engage with and/or acquire or purchase any list from any company claiming to have use of the AFCI Creativation 2020 and/or Association For Creative Industries database, attendees, or contact information. Responding to these emails (even to “unsubscribe”) confirms to them that they have reached a valid email address.

Exhibitor List for Official AFCI Vendors: Any contact information shared with our official vendors is done so exclusively for the purposes of conducting business. These vendors are prohibited from and do not release this information elsewhere, nor do we or our vendors share exhibitor or attendee email contact info.

Attendee Contact List: AFCI exhibitors are provided with a post-event attendee list via a direct email from AFCI show management. Attendees are able to opt-out of being included. Exhibitors are prohibiting from sharing, distributing, or selling any list gained through attendance at Creativation 2020 or any AFCI event. Violations may result in immediate termination of membership, exhibiting participation, and possible legal action.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval “Badge Scanners”: Exhibitors at Creativation may purchase badge scanning lead retrieval units that collect contact information for those attendees who verbally consent to having their badge scanned at an exhibitor’s booth. Exhibitors may not scan any badge without first having received verbal consent from the attendee confirming it is acceptable to do so. “Badge-sharing” and “badge-swapping” are strictly prohibited.

Don’t be misled! If you are contacted by anyone asking to sell you a list, or if you receive a suspicious request via email, please gather as much information as you can and pass it on to us at

Future Dates & Locations


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January 13-17, 2022
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, Arizona

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