Dear AFCI Community,

It is important to reflect on who we are as an organization and what our responsibilities are to each other and to our industry. In this moment of national crisis, faced not only with pandemic but also with recent heartbreaking events around the country, it is imperative that we pause, reflect, and come together for positive change.

AFCI’s mission statement is “a healthy, vibrant and innovative community that enriches people’s lives through crafting and other creative activities.” Our vision: “a passionate creator in every home in the world.” Every home.

We achieve our mission through unity and mutual respect. It’s one of our values that we identify with as an Association. We support a diverse membership and strive to be inclusive and equitable in how we work with one another. We find strength through not only accepting difference, but by celebrating it, using it to grow and thrive as people and professionals. We are an inclusive Association and welcome diversity as part of the mission of the Association.  Creativity is a uniter of all people.

We have an opportunity and an obligation to respect one another, to listen, and to find common ground through this difficult time together. Through our common work as an industry, we come together with a focus on enriching people’s lives through creativity.


Peter Finn

Executive Director, AFCI